I'm not really an industrial archaeologist, but over the last twenty-five years I've photographed many things that interest industrial archaeologists.

Many of the sites in these pictures are no longer visible - demolished and redeveloped or tidied up and heritaged. When I started photographing some were still in use or only recently abandoned; others were derelict and deteriorating.

The past twenty-five years have seen a decimation of industry in London with an almost complete loss of most areas of manufacturing, and the virtual abandonment of water transport. All London's docks are closed (Tilbury, further downstream and outside London, flourishes); only a few relict wharves remain in use.

The first period of work I've chosen to put on this site - from 1973-1982 - cover a period of increasing shutdowns with little new building in London. Later pictures will be added shortly.

Please do send your comments. I'd particularly welcome any details about the locations shown - I'll also add more of what I know about them when I get time.