Most sites use JavaScript only for minor features like image rollovers. However, on this site we do use it to provide some of the navigation (the "Prev", "Next", and "List" buttons on each picture page) so although the site works without, we do recommend that you turn JavaScript on.

On Netscape 4, you can turn JavaScript on by choosing the Edit menu, then Preferences, then Advanced, then make sure "Enable JavaScript" is checked. (While you're there, also check "Enable style sheets" if it isn't already.)

On Internet Explorer 4 or 5, you can enable JavaScript from the "Internet Options" box, which you get via the Tools menu on IE5 and the View menu on IE4. Once you're there, click "Security" and then choose "Custom". Scroll through the list of options until you find "Scripting" and then "Active Scripting". Choose "Enable".

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